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A lie, a story, an untruth, a fib, prevarication; to lie, tell stories or untruths, prevaricate. Ginbákak lang níya inâ. That was a story invented by him. Dî mo siá pagbakákan. Don't tell him lies. Indì mo pag-ibákak inâ sa ibán. Don't tell those lies to others. (see butíg; N.B. bákak and bakákon seem to have been taken over from the Cebuano dialect).



A discussion, disputation, debate, a literary entertainment, poetical competition, meeting, where the conversational language is preferably a native dialect. (see bágtas).



Bamboo, bolo, or the like, woven into the walls or partitions of a building. The bamboo is flattened into broad strips and the weaving is done (usually) not upright and across, but diagonally. Also verb: to make or apply balántak. Ang balántak, kon maáyo ang trabáho, matahúm nga tulúkon. Balántak weaving, if well done, is beautiful to look upon. Balantakí ang idálum sang talamwáan. Place balántak-work under the window. Balantaká ang pagdíngding. Weave the partitions in balántak-fashion. Díngding nga binalántak. Sides or partitions woven in the manner of balántak. (see rára-to weave baskets, mats, etc.; tádtad-to flatten bamboo, etc. for balántak-work).



Oblique, diagonal, not vertical or horizontal, slanting; to be, become or make diagonal, etc. Ang balásbas dílì tíndog. What is oblique is not vertical. Balasbasón mo ang pagtakúd sang láso sa ákon báyò. Fasten the ribbon obliquely across my jacket. Walâ níya pagtadlungá ang pagarádo, kóndì ginbalásbas níya. He did not plough straight across the field, but diagonally, from corner to corner. Ibalásbas iníng láso sa pakô sang ákon báyò. Put this ribbon aslant across the sleeve of my jacket.



To have bloodshot eyes, to look fierce, have fiery or glaring eyes, to be half-blinded by passion, heat or excitement. Ang panúluk siníng táo nagabalingasó. The eyes of this man are fiery, glaring, blazing. Sang pagkasáyod níya siní, nangákig siá kag dáyon nagbalingasó ang íya mga matá. When he heard this, he got angry and his eyes immediately became inflamed with fury or rage.

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