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Trouble, difficulty, distress, moral, spiritual or physical hardship; to be or to get in trouble, distress, etc. Nagalisúd na ang íya pagbátì. His disease is getting serious. Nalísdan kamí sang ámon pangabúhì sa karón nga túig. This year we have found it difficult to get a living. Dî mo igkalisúd yanáng mga butáng-or-dî mo pagkalísdan yanáng mga butáng. Don't take those things too much to heart. Don't allow yourself to be troubled by such things. Indì ka magpangalisúd sing lakás tungúd sang kamatáyon sang ímo útud. Don't grieve overmuch over the death of your brother. Nagakalisúd siá karón, kay--. He is troubled-or-in distress at present, because--. (see kalisdánan, kalilísdan, malisúd).



Tear, tear-drop; to fill with tears, water, be wet with tears, shed tears. Nagalúhà ang ákon matá, kay napúling. My eye is watering, because a mote got into it. Naglúhà ang matâ níya. Her eyes filled with tears. Ginluháan níya sing mapaít ang kamatáyon sang íya anák. She shed bitter tears over the death of her child.

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