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Also, too, as well as; well! now! Look here! Nagupúd man ikáw sa íya? Did you also accompany him? Siá malúyag magkádto man. He would like to go too. Man, nagsilíng akó sa ímo nga--. Now, look here, I told you that--.

Quite frequently "man" seems to be employed as a mere decorative particle, e.g. Daw alóla man lang inâ sa ímo. That is only a trifling matter for you. Kon amó man lang ang ákon pangabúhì dirí, maáyo pa nga mapaúlì akó sa ákon bánwa. If my life here is to be only this, it would be better for me to return to my home-town. Kon sa isá man ka bágay matúod inâ--. If on the one hand-or-in one respect that is true--. Amó man gihápon. The same as ever, no change or variation, matters stand as before.