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A red and white spotted sea shell, a larger kind of búskay. (see búskay, mángay, sigáy).



(B) Small sea-shells, often used by children at play. (see sigáy, mángay, búli).



To be quick, do something with speed or promptness, hasten, etc. Dasíga ang paglakát mo. Walk quickly. Quicken your pace. Gindásig níya ang íya trabáho. He performed his work with despatch. Nagadásig na siá sang íya pagtikáng. He is now stepping out briskly, walking fast. (see dásay).



To grope, feel for, fish out with the hand, put one's hand or arm into a hole, or the like. Kuúta ang kwárta sa pálhuk, ang ítlog sa búhò, etc. Fish out the money from the pocket, grope for the egg in the hole, etc. Kuúti akó sing sigarílyo sa bólsa mo. Dig down into your pocket and give me a cigarette. Ikúut akó ánay siníng búhò, básì nangítlog dirâ ang mungâ. Please feel in this hole, maybe the hen has laid an egg there.



A small sea-shell so called. (see búskay, búli, sigáy).



A prefix indicating that an action is equally done by a number of persons, together, in unison, all doing the same thing. Nasig-(shortened from nagpasig-) stands for the past, masig-for the future and pagpasig-for the infinitive. Nasigkaládlaw silá nga tanán. They all of them laughed together. Nasigpalangítà silá sing palamúgnan. They were all looking for work. Nasigalámot silá, nasigkaláwat silá, etc. They all contributed, they all went to Holy Communion, etc. (nasi-id.).

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