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To tread or step or walk on, trample upon; to treat with pride, contempt or insult. Lápak (maglápak) ka sang mán-og-or-lapáki ang mán-og. Trample on the snake. Crush the snake with your foot. Indì ka maglápak dirâ, kay mabasâ pa ang siménto. Don't put down your foot there, for the cement is still wet. (see tápak, túmban).



To squeeze, compress or crush to pulp, soften, make pliable by rubbing or rolling (of leaves, peas and beans, etc. previous to using as a plaster or the like). Ligasá ang búyò. Soften the búyò-leaf. Ligasí akó sing dáhon sang katúmbal, kay itámbal ko sa púgsa. Crush some chili-leaves for me, because I am going to use them as a plaster for the boil. (see hálmok).

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