Meaning of adóbo



(Sp. adobo) A dish of meat cut up or sliced and mixed with vinegar and various spices; to make or serve adóbo. Adobóha ang báboy. Work the pork up into adóbo. Bákli akó sing kárne, kay adobóhon ko sa panyága. Buy me some meat, for I am going to prepare from it a dish of adóbo for dinner. Anhon mo iníng kárne?-Adobóhon ko. What are you going to do with this meat?-I am going to make adóbo of it. Adobóhi ang mga bisíta. Treat the visitors to a dish of adóbo. Makahíbalo ka magadóbo? Do you know how to prepare adóbo? Anhon mo iníng lánggaw?-Iadóbo ko sa kárne. What are you using this vinegar for?-I am going to use it for a dish of adóbo.