Meaning of agî



Soft, effeminate, not manly, said of men with feminine voice and manners, hermaphrodite.



Passage, trace, incident, event; to go by, pass by, pass through. Ang mga ági kag bilín sang salâ. The traces and remains of sin. Ang mga ági sang íya kabúhì. The incidents of his life. Kon magági ka dirí, hapíti kamí. If you pass this way, visit us. Indì ka makaági dirâ, kay nakodalán ang umá. You cannot pass through there, for the field is fenced in. Ang dalán nga íla ginágyan (ginagíhan)-. The road over which they passed-. Iági akó siníng tulún-an sa kay Fuláno. Kindly hand this book over to N.N. in passing. Buás ágyon ko ikáw. Tomorrow I'll call for you in passing (and take you along). Buás ágyan ko ikáw. Tomorrow I'll visit you on my way. Paágyon mo kamí sa ímo umá. Let us pass through your field. Dílì mo pagpaágyan sa íla ang áton umá. Don't allow them to pass through our field. Walâ pa akó kaági (makaági) dídto. I have never been there yet, I have had no occasion to pass that way, I have not seen or passed that place at all.