Meaning of aláng-álang



Neither "fish, flesh nor fowl"; untimely, inconvenient, immature, not quite qualified or capable; to lack maturity, timeliness, qualities or conditions required. Ang mga páhò aláng-álang pa. The mangoes are not quite ripe yet. Aláng-álang pa ang tiémpo. The time is not convenient yet, the weather is still unreliable,-not quite suitable. Iníng batà aláng-álang pa sa pagbúthò. This child is too young to go to school. Also used as a verb. Dílì mo pagaláng-alángon ang pagabút mo dirí. Don't arrive here too late. Ginaláng-alángan akó sa pagdúaw sa ínyo, kay--. I was prevented from paying you a visit, because--. Kalití ang pagpaúlì, agúd dílì ka maaláng-alángan sang ulán. Make use of the first opportunity to go home, lest you should be detained by the rain.