Meaning of alipálok



(H) A spark of fire, particles of fire emitted by bodies in a state of combustion. Ang alipálok nagalupád (nagatabúg). The sparks are flying. Ang ámon baláy nadúktan sang isá ka alipálok. Our house was set on fire by a spark.



(H) To emit or send off sparks, to spark, sparkle. Ang kaláyo nagaalipalók. The fire is giving off sparks. Dî mo pagalipalokón (pagpaalipalokón) ang kaláyo. Do not cause the fire to send up sparks. Indì mo pagabrihán ang puérta nga malapít sa dapóg, kay nagaalipalók ang kaláyo. Do not open the door near the fire-place, for the fire is throwing off sparks. Ang mga atóp nga kógon madalî masúnug kon alipalokán sang kaláyo. Thatches of kogon-grass will soon burn, if a spark of fire alights on them.