Meaning of alobáybay



Handrail, railing to hold oneself by, balustrade. Also used as a verb. Alobaybayí ang hágdan sang ímo baláy. Make a handrail for the ladder leading up to your house. Iníng hágdan walâ sing alobáybay. This ladder has no handrail. Naalobaybayán ang íla nga pántaw. Their kitchen balcony is surrounded by a balustrade. Mangalobáy-bay kamó kon manáug. Keep your hand on the handrail when you go down-stairs. Nagapangalobáybay na ang bátà. The baby is already learning to walk or making its first steps by keeping itself up or supporting itself by holding on to a chair, a wall, etc. (see gabáy, gabayán).