Meaning of alogás-gas



Full, complete (of payment); well done, thorough, perfect, faultless (of work); full, of the best, of a high order (of crops, etc.); to be or perform well, to become or make blameless, etc. Ang humáy nga pinatubás ko sang isá ka túig alogás-gas gid, ápang ang pinatubás ko sa karón nga túig támà kaupahón. The rice I harvested last year was splendid, but the one I harvested this year is full of blighted ears. Abáw alogás-gas gid ang ginbáyad ko sang ginbalígyà mo sa ákon kag karón ang ákon ibalígyà angkatón mo lang! Just think of it, I paid you cash in full for what you sold me and now you would like to get on mere credit what I have to sell to you! Maáyo gánì kon siá ang magapatíndog sang baláy, kay alogás-gas siá sing pangóbra. It is well, indeed, if he builds the house, for he is thorough in his work. Kon alogas-gasón ang ínyo trabáho, alogas-gasón ko man ang igasóhol ko sa ínyo. If you perform your work well, I, on my part, will pay you a generous wage. Ginalogas-gasán ko siá sa pagbáyad. I paid him cash in full.