Meaning of alóghog



A running line, any rope or string, attached by means of rings or a channel, through which it passes, to a garment, curtain, fishing-net or the like; any other material used in a similar way and for the same purpose; to attach or provide such a rope, etc. Aloghogí ang puróy mo. Put a running string to your short breeches. Ialóghog ang písì. Put the cord through its channel (or rings, as the case may be). Ialóghog ang alóghog sa íya nga aloghogán. Thread the cord through the rings, blocks, tubes, hem, etc. Ginpakábit níla ang kúmbong sa lúbid nga. inogalóghog (inalóghog). They hung up the curtain on a running rope. (see halóghog id. and the more usual form).