Meaning of álsa



(Sp. alza, alzar) A rise in price; the raising of merchandise, money, etc. on credit; to raise, lift, hoist; to get on credit. Ang tanán nga mga balalígyà sa almasín siníng komersyánte álsa gid lámang sa Ilóng-ílong or ginálsa gid lámang níya sa Ilóng-ílong. All the goods on sale in the store of this merchant are (were) obtained by him on credit from Iloilo. Alsahá pa gid ang káhoy sing diótay. Raise the wood yet a little. Alsahí iníng lugár sang mga bató. Remove the stones from this place. Alsahá ang tíngug mo. Raise your voice to a higher pitch. Iálsa akó ánay siníng láta nga túbig. Please lift this can of water for me. Alsahán mo gid ánay ang baráha kag ugáling ipanhátag (ipanghátag). First cut the cards and then deal them out. (For an increase in wages and the like "pasákà" is to be used. Napasakáan ang íya sóhol. His wages have been raised).