Meaning of ámag



Attraction, enticement, allurement, inducement, lure. Ang kárne ámag sang idô. Meat is a lure for dogs. Ang mga búlak ámag sang putyókan. Flowers attract bees.



To be attracted by, to be drawn towards. Ang mga ragárága nagaamág sang sugâ. The insect "ragaraga" seeks the light or is drawn towards the light. Ang bátà nagaamág sa íya ilóy. The child clings to-, desires to be with-, its mother. Paamagí ang idô sing kárne. Attach the dog to you by giving him some meat. Iníng dólse iamág (ipaamág) ko sa bátà. These sweets I'll use to draw the child towards me. Ang pamulákan ginaamagán sang mga alibángbang. The flower-garden allures the butterflies. Iníng táo nagaamág lang sang kinaíya, dílî sang kaayóhan sang bánwa. This man is working for his own profit, not for the good of the town.