Meaning of amalánhig



One who appears after death and haunts houses, etc.; a ghost, spectre, phantom, spirit, shade, wraith, spook, apparition; to appear after death, to haunt. Nakítà balá nínyo ang amalánhig? Have you seen the apparition? Si Fuláno, konó, nagaamalánhig sa íya baláy. N.N., they say, is haunting his house. May amalánhig iníng baláy. This house is haunted by a spectre. Indì ka magpáti sináng mga ginasugídsúgid nga mga amalánhig. Don't believe the stories about people who are said to have risen from the grave or who appear in-, haunt-, houses. (see amamánhig, malánhig, maránhig).