Meaning of ámpag



A prominent place, a foremost, reserved or special seat; to choose a prominent seat, to sit in the front row, take a top seat; to show off, give oneself airs. Paámpag is mostly used. Dirâ silá sa ámpag. They are there in the front row. Indì ka magpaámpag. Don't take a top seat. Don't sit in the front row. Don't show off or be ostentatious. Nagapaámpag gid siá. She is carrying herself proudly or showing off. Dílì mo pag-ipaámpag yanáng mga táo. Do not place those men in the front row. Hándà na ang síya nga igapaámpag ko sa Senyór Obispo. The chair is now ready which I will place in a prominent position for His Excellence.