Meaning of ánad



To practise, exercise, accustom to, train, break in, perform regularly or habitually. Anára ang batásan mo nga dílì ka na magpamuyáyaw. Try to get the habit of not using profane language-or-acquire the habit of not cursing and swearing. Naánad na akó dirí siníng lugár. I am now accustomed to this place. Indì akó maánad siníng lugár. I cannot accustom myself to this place. Naanáran-or-naándan ko na iníng lugár. I am now familiar with-, accustomed to-, this place. Ipaánad ko sa ímo iníng karabáw nga simarón. I'll hand this wild buffalo over to you to be trained or tamed. Magpaánad ka siní nga trabáho. Try to exercise-, practise-, accustom yourself to-, this kind of work (see hánas, ságad, batíd).



Experienced, practised, expert, adept, well versed in, accustomed, trained, broken in. (see sagád, batíd).