Meaning of anáno



(H) What; of what kind, condition or quality; What? Of what kind? What is the definition, explanation or meaning of-? Anáno ang pagkaláwat? What is Communion? What does Communion mean? Makahibaló ikáw kon anáno ang pagkaláwat? Do you know what Communion is? Can you give a definition or explanation of the meaning of Communion? (see náno, anó; "anó" and "anáno" are often used promiscuously, though they are not quite identical in meaning; "anó" refers simply to the thing itself or asks its name, whilst "anáno" inquires into the real aim, purpose, explanation or definition of a thing together with its qualities, use, utility, etc. Anó, iní? What is this? What is the name of this? What do you call this? Anáno, iní? What kind of thing is this? What are the qualities, use, purpose, utility, etc. of this?