Meaning of arníbal



(Sp. almibar) Thin, freely-flowing molasses in the initial stage of the process of sugar-milling. 1.) inutús-the watery juice squeezed out of the sugar-cane. 2.) arníbal-very thin molasses containing much water. 3.) lasáw-thickening molasses, syrup of the consistency of light honey. 4.) pulút-thick molasses nearing the stage of crystallization or hardening. The pulút, very sticky and viscous, is taken from the cauldron and put into troughs, where by cooling and stirring it slowly hardens or crystallizes to the finished, but unrefined, product of sugar. This last stage of the process of sugar-milling is called "pagasúkar sang pulút"-"to turn the pulút into sugar". See under asúkar. 5.) asúkar, kalámay-sugar.