Meaning of asáwa



Wife, spouse, a married woman whose husband is alive; to take a wife, marry, wed, espouse. My asáwa siá. He is married or has a wife. Sín-o ang pangasáw-on mo? Whom are you going to marry? Who is your wife to be? Si Pédro, konó, mangasáwa sa buás. Peter, they say, is going to be married tomorrow. Asáwa ko, batóna iníng síngsing kag iníng áras nga tándà sang áton pagasáwa. My wife, accept this ring and this dowry in token of our wedlock. (Part of the marriage ceremony), (see pangasáwa, pagbána-to take a husband).



To be husband and wife, have marital relations. Nagaasawá or nagaasawaháy silá. They are married, are husband and wife. Ang mga magasawá. Married folks, wedded couples.