Meaning of ásod



To strike in, add a hand to, to do something together with another in quick turns as one helping another to pound rice, workmen felling a tree or trimming wood by alternate blows, etc. Asod without any other qualification mostly means: to help another pound rice by alternate blows of the pestles. Asdi (asódi) si mánang mo. Help your elder sister to pound rice. Asdi si mánong mo sa pagtapás sang káhoy. Help your elder brother to fell the tree (by giving alternate strokes of the axe, now on this side, now on the other side of the tree). Ang pagásod sa pagkánta maláin, sa pagbásbas kag pagbayó maáyo. To strike in after another in singing (out of unison) is bad, but for dressing timber or pounding rice it is the proper or right thing to do. Ginásdan níla nga duhá sang ákig si Fuláno. They, both of them together, vented their anger on N.N.