Meaning of áti



Negrito, a member of the dark-skinned tribes living in the mountains; a beggar, mendicant, from the fact that the Negritoes often leave their mountains and come down to the plains to beg alms. Also used as a verb. Daw áti ikáw. You are like a Negrito. You are an awful beggar. Nagáti ka galî? Have you become a Negrito? (said of one who is dark from long exposure to the sun or who is very dirty, etc.).



To sack, rob, steal, plunder. Ginatí níla ang bánwa. They sacked the town. Dílì nínyo pagatión (pagatihón) ang báryo. Don't plunder the village. Ang mga buyóng nagapangatí. Brigands rob and steal. Indì kamó magpangatí. Don't rob and steal like brigands. Iníng bánwa inatián (inatihán) sang mga buyóng sang duhá na ka túig. This town was partly plundered by robbers two years ago.