Meaning of babáylan



Sorcerer, wizard, magician, one versed in superstitious practices. Also used as a verb. Ginbabaylanán sang babáylan ang masakít nga bátà. The sorcerer practised his art or performed his enchantments over the sick child. Ginpababaylanán sang ilóy ang íya masakít nga bátà. The mother got a conjurer to perform his superstitious rites over her sick baby. Ang babáylan kon magbinabáylan maíhaw sing manók ukón báboy kag mapatíkpátik sa pínggan. When the conjurer performs his superstitious rites he kills a chicken or pig and repeatedly strikes a plate. Nakakáon siá sing báboy nga binabaylanán. He ate some pork that had been subjected to superstitious rites.