Meaning of bágtong



(B) To bundle together, to wrap up in one's apron or other convenient part of one's dress. Bagtongá ang tinápay. Wrap up the bread (in your apron, the lower part of your skirt, etc.). Bagtongí ang tampíon mo sang tinápay. Wrap your apron around the bread. Wrap the bread up in your apron. Binágtong-a bundle. N.B. A binágtong is always wrapped up in, and somehow fastened to, one's dress, as an apron, the lower part of the skirt, a loose jacket, etc.; if a bundle is entirely separate from the body, it is not called a binágtong, but pinutús; in Hiligáynon, however, binágtong and pinutús are often used promiscuously. (see bántal).