Meaning of balíbad



(H) Pretext, explanation, excuse, pretence, false plea, subterfuge, often just a story got up for the occasion; to find an excuse, to explain away, to have a pretext or story ready, to tell lies in order to get out of a scrape and the like. Indì ka magbalíbad sang ímo salâ. Don't try to excuse your fault. Anó ang balíbad mo? What excuse or pretext have you got? Indì mo akó pagbalibáran. Don't try to find excuses with me. Don't tell me stories. Don't try to explain. Nagabút siá sa baláy sa pagpakigkítà sa ímo; búsà walâ na ikáw sing ikabalíbad sa íya. He came to the house to see you; consequently you cannot excuse yourself any longer. Pabalibára akó. Excuse me. Ibalíbad mo akó. Kindly excuse me, find an excuse for me. Ginbalíbad níya ang ulán. He put it down to the rain. (see butíg, malí, pasúni).