Meaning of bángil



To prop, support, put in, or under, something a prop or wedge of wood, stone, etc. in order to heighten, tighten or steady things. Bangíli ang tiíl (kahíg) sang lamésa, agád magtádlong. Prop up the foot of the table, that it may stand straight. Ibángil ko iníng káhoy sa lamésa. I'll prop up the table with this piece of wood, (in order to steady it, raise it on one side). Dílì mo pagbangílan ang aparadór sing isá ka bangíl nga madámol, ang isá ka manipís túman na. Don't put a thick wedge under the cupboard; a thin one is quite sufficient. (see písak, piíl-wedge).



A prop or wedge for the operation called "bángil".