Meaning of bárak



Murmur, rattle, clatter, crackle, a sound as of many voices, a quick succession of little noises, patter; to patter, to sound or make a noise, as of many voices, shots, falling stones and the like. Nagabárak ang sinánlag sa gánga, ang mga tígbaw sa subâ kon tútdan, etc. What is roasted in the pot, the reeds in the river-bed, if burned, etc. crackles (crackle). Kon tútdan iníng kaingín, magabárak ang mga tinapás nga sibúkaw kag kawáyan. When these forest-clearings are burned the felled sibúkaw and bamboo crackle. Ginpabarákan akó níla sing bató. They pelted me with a rattling shower of stones. Ipabárak iníng balás sa íla baláy or pabaráki siníng balás ang íla baláy. Make their house resound with the noise of this sand thrown at it. Nabarákan akó gid siníng táo kon maghámbal. This man is too garrulous for me when he talks. Pabaráki siá sang pamángkot, agúd nga índì siá makasabát. Ply him with many questions in quick succession, so that he cannot answer. Nagpabárak siá sang íya mga rebentadór sang paglígad sang nóbia. He let off his crackers, when the bride passed by. (see árak).