Meaning of barumbáda



To shake to and fro, wave, brandish, flourish; to walk about aimlessly, to wander about, to go from place to place, as if looking for something. Anó ang ginabarumbáda mo sang ímo bastón? For what reason are you flourishing your stick? Ibarumbáda ang ímo bastón, kay madulúm. Swing your stick (in front), for it is dark. Indì ka magbarumbáda dirí sa sulúd sang baláy. Don't wander about here in the house. Nagabarumbáda gid lang silá sa bánwa. They just stroll aimlessly about the town. Anó pa man ang ginabarumbáda mo, kay ári na ang tanán sa lamésa? What are you still fussing about; everything is already on the table?