Meaning of búg-at



Weight, heaviness, ponderousness, heftiness; to be or become heavy, weighty, ponderous, hefty. A, nagbúg-at na ang báboy. Well, the pig has become heavy now. Nagbúg-at na ang kárga ko, kay nagbínhod ang ákon abága. My load feels heavy, because my shoulder is benumbed. Nabug-atán akó sinâ. That was too heavy for me. Indì ka magpabúg-at sang ímo láwas kon mapatíbong ka. Don't let yourself be a dead-weight, when you are carried on a man's shoulders. Fig.: Indì ka magpabúg-at sang pangabúhì sang ímo mga ginikánan. Don't be a burden to your parents. Nagbúg-at na kaáyo ang íya pagbátì. His condition has become very serious. He is very dangerously ill. (see tágbong).