Meaning of bugá



To belch forth, spit out, as a volcano; to chew betelnut, spit it into the hand, rub if and then apply it as an ointment to a child, etc. to protect it against catching a cold, stomach-ache or the like. Ang bolkán nagbugá sing mga bató nga natúnaw sa kaínit. The volcano threw out molten stones. Bugahí ang bátà sing minamâ. Rub the baby with chewed betelnut. Ipabugá mo sa íya ang ímo bátà, kay siá nagamamâ. Hand your baby over to her for a rubbing, for she is chewing betelnut. Nagsakít ang tiyán sang bátà, kay walâ níla pagbugahí. The child got a stomach-ache, because they did not massage it with chewed betelnut.



A kind of whitish, soft sandstone. (see dínglè-a darker kind of sandstone).