Meaning of buláng



A cock-spur, the small knife fastened to the cock's natural spur in cock-fighting.



To participate in cock-fighting, to cock-fight, bet or wager on a cock-fight, cause a cock to fight in the cockpit. Diín si Fuláno?-Dídto sa bulangán, nagabúlang. Where is N.N?-He is there in the cock-pit, cock-fighting. Indì mo pagibúlang iníng manók, kay alángálang pa. Don't fight this cock in the cockpit, for its training is not complete yet, it is too young, etc. Indì náton pagbulángon ang áton manók. We will or must not let our cocks fight each other. Pasampoká pírme ang duhá ka manók, agúd mahánas, kay kon mahánas na ibúlang ta silá sa pándut sang bánwa. Get the two cocks to try their strength against each other constantly in order to make them expert, for if they are up to it we will fight them in the cockpit on the town-festival.