Meaning of búyok



To bend, curve, incline, cause to lean; be prone to, have a-propensity for,-tendency towards,-leaning to,-proneness,-predisposition,-inclination,-bias,-bent,-set,-turn,-warp. Buyóka ang lipák. Bend the piece of split bamboo. Ginbúyok níla ang sangá sang káhoy. They bent the branch of the tree. Mahapús ang pagbúyok sang kandílà. It is easy to bend a candle. Nabúyok na siá sa maláut nga batásan. He is now inclined to evil ways, is prone to-, has a propensity for-, vicious habits. Sang ulíhi nabúyok ang íya hunâhúnà sa Diós. Finally his thoughts were turned to God. Ibúyok mo akó siníng baníslak. Kindly bend this lath for me.