Meaning of daúg



To overcome, win, be victorious, be superior, master, defeat, lick, conquer, vanquish, put down, overthrow, outdo, rout, gain the ascendancy or mastery of, get the best of, get the upper hand, get over difficulties; gain, winnings; conquered, vanquished, etc. Sín-o ang nagdaúg? Who won? Who came out victorious? Dág-on ko ikáw sa trabáho. I can beat you at work. Gindaúg níya akó. He overcame me. He defeated me. Dág-a siá sa pagsulát. Prove yourself his better at writing. Ang pagbása sang ininglés amó ang pagdaúg ni Pédro sa kay Hosé sang silá ang nagpadag-ánay (sang íla pagpadag-ánay). In English reading Pédro showed himself superior to José, when the two of them were competing. Makapilá nagdaúg siá? How often did he win? Pilá ang daúg mo? How much did you win or gain? Sín-o sa íla nga duhá ang daúg? Which of the two lost or was beaten?