Meaning of dáyon



Continuous, permanent, lasting, perpetual, eternal, at all times, evermore, constantly, always, everlastingly; to continue, go on with, last, stay for some time, lodge, sojourn, visit or call upon for an extended period, spend some time. Dáyon ang kabúhì sang kalág, umalági ang íya sang láwas. The life of the soul is eternal, that of the body transitory. Sa dáyon nga ínit nagláyà ang madámù nga mga tanúm. On account of the long drought many plants withered. Dayóna ang ímo pagbása, paglakát, hámbal, etc. Go on with your reading, your march, your speech, etc. Magdáyon ka dirí sa ámon. Stay here with us for a time. Diín ang ginadayónan mo? Where are you staying? Kon magsakáy ka pa Manílà saráng mo madayónan dídto ang ákon tíò. When you go to Manila, you can stay at my uncle's there. Dáyon gid lang ang paghibî siníng bátà. This baby is always crying.



To carry out, go on with, perform, execute, accomplish; fulfil, put into execution, realise, get or go through a business. (see tarús).