Meaning of dúgay



(H) Long (of time); to spend a long time, last long, endure, abide, prolong, protract, tarry, linger, drag on, draw out, put off, procrastinate, delay. Nagdúgay siá sang íya pageskwéla dídto. He prolonged his schooling there, was going to school there for a long time. Nadúgay ka dídto? Were you there long? Dugáya ang paglúmon mo sa ámon. Stay with us for a long time. Indì mo pagdugáyon ang pagpadalá sa ákon sing sulát. Don't be long in sending me a letter. Gindúgay níya ang bálus. He put off answering for a long time. Dúgay na gid inâ. That was ages ago, a very long time ago. (see búhay, maláwig).