Meaning of galó



A ladleful; to lade, ladle, dip, spoon or draw out with a ladle or dipper, scoop up. Ang manuglútò nagagaló na sang tinóla. The cook has begun to ladle out the side-dish. Gálwi (galohí) akó sing isá ka galó nga kán-on, sópas, sabáw, etc. Give me a ladleful of rice, soup, broth, etc. Igaló akó ánay siníng tinóla nga natigána sa mga dumulúaw. Please ladle out this side-dish for the visitors. Ginálwan akó ni Fuláno sing kárne nga laúya. N.N. scooped out for me some boiled meat. Indì ka magsabát, kay básì magálwan man ikáw. Don't say a word or you may catch it, (receive a scolding or the like). (see sarók, kándus).