Meaning of gamón



Disappointment, balk, check, defeat or failure of-expectation,-hope,-wish,-desire,-intention; to disappoint, balk, baffle, dash one's hopes, fail one, frustrate one's expectations, leave in the lurch, defeat of expectation, etc. Nagamón siá, kay buót siá kuntánì magsakáy pa Manílà, ápang walâ siá makahalín dirí, kay nagmasakít si nánay níya. He suffered a disappointment, for he would have liked to embark for Manila, but could not get away from here, because his mother fell ill. Dî mo akó pagpagámnon (pagpagamonón). Don't leave me in the lurch, don't fail or disappoint me. Sín-o ang nagpagamón sa ímo? Who was the cause of your disappointment? Ginpagamón akó ni Fuláno. N.N. brought my hopes or expectations to nothing.