Meaning of gíhit



To move, remove, budge, change the place of, shift to another position, transfer, shift, push or pull along the ground without lifting or carrying the object. Gihíta ang síya. Shift the chair. Bulígi akó sa paggíhit siníng mabúg-at nga tulungtúngan. Help me to move this heavy table to another position. Kon magsílhig kamó sang hulút, gihíti sang lamésa iníng lugár. When you sweep the room, shift the table to this place. Igíhit akó ánay siníng mga síya, kay may bisíta nga maabút. Kindly arrange this chairs in another position, because visitors are coming. Gihíti akó siníng síya. Move this chair for me. (i.e. move it towards me or away from me according to circumstances). (see pasáylo).



See gíhit.