Meaning of gín-ot



Sultriness, closeness, stuffiness (of heat and air); to be or become close, sultry, etc. Naggín-ot karón ang ádlaw. The day has turned sultry. Nagin-otán kamí dídto sa punsyón, kay gutúk. We were in a close atmosphere there at the social gathering, because it was too crowded. Kon mamiésta ka sa bánwa pagagin-otán gid ikáw, kay madámù nga mga táo ang magatámbong sa mísa. If you assist at the Feast in the town you will certainly feel the close heat, as many people will go to hear Mass. Sa búlan sa Máyo magagín-ot gid ang tiémpo. In the month of May it certainly will be very hot. (see bóhot).