Meaning of gús-ab



To bite, snap, nip, gnaw, champ, manch, crunch, craunch, nibble (a bone or the like). Gingus-abán sang idô iníng túl-an. The dog has gnawed this bone. Halá, gus-abá lang sing maáyo ang ímo báyò, kay madámù ang pílak mo nga inugbalakál! You just bite the sleeve of your jacket, as you have so much money to buy (a new) one! (sarcastically said to children biting their sleeves in anger or disappointment). Ipagús-ab lang sa idô iníng mga túl-an. Give these bones to the dog to gnaw. Andamí ang idô, kay daw buót siá maggús-ab sang ímo pusúpusuán. Beware of the dog, for he looks as if he means to nip you in the calf of the leg.