Meaning of himútad



To look at narrowly, scrutinize, inspect carefully, examine thoroughly by ocular inspection. Himutádi (-ári) sing maáyo ang mga tigbató, kon ikáw ang nagabása. Look well at the letters, if you are the reader (or when you read). Maghimútad ka sang sulát. Examine the letter carefully. Ihimútad mo akó ánay sang pilás sang karabáw, kay básì may úlud sa sulúd. Please inspect carefully the buffalo's wound, for maybe there are worms inside. Ginhimutádan níya sing madúgay ang laráwan sang íya nga ilóy. He looked attentively for a long time at the picture of his mother. Nakasayóp ka sa pagtokár, kay walâ mo paghimutádi ang mga nóta. You made a mistake in playing, because you did not look carefully at the notes. (see mulálong, tán-aw, túluk).