Meaning of hingabút



To draw or come near, be about to arrive, to persecute, pursue, molest, harass, perplex, annoy, distress, be after; strive, seek to obtain. Ang mga matárung ginahingabút sing masamí sang mga maláut. The just are often persecuted by the wicked. Ginbutangbutángan níla siá sing salâ sa paghingabút sa íya. They slandered him in order to harass him. Indì ka maghingabút sa íya. Don't persecute him. Ang idô nagahingabút sang kánding. The dog is after the goat. (see abút).



To arrive in time, appear at the right moment, reach at the proper time. Walâ siá makahingábut sa mísa. He did not arrive in time to hear Mass. (see ábut).