Meaning of humán



Ready, done, finished, complete, accomplished, terminated; condensed, congealed, solidified, coagulated; to finish, accomplish, terminate, complete a job, finish a piece of work or the like; to condense, coagulate, congeal, solidify. Humán na ang baláy, táytay, panápton, etc. The house, the bridge, the clothes, etc. are ready. Humanón mo ang sulát sa madalî, agúd makaábut pa sa koríyo. Finish the letter at once so as to be in time for the mail. Ihumán akó sing isá ka síya. Please make me a chair. Finish a chair for me. Nahumán na ang ímo sapátos. Your boots are done now. Nagahumán na ang kalámay. The sugar is now thickening, condensing, crystallizing. (see tápus, lísto, lapúyot, tíg-a).