Meaning of hunúl



To stop-, cease-, growing, be retarded or impeded in one's growth. Naghunúl ang pagdakû siníng bátà kútub sang nagbalatián siá. This boy has not grown from the time he became sick. Nagahunúl ang pagtúbò sang talóng kay nainítan sing lakás. The eggplants stopped growing, for they were exposed to too much sunshine. (see kunól, kutóng).



Shoot, stolon, layer; a plant developed from the seed in a seedling-pot to be transferred later on, together with the seedling-pot, to some suitable ground; to rear or grow plants in that manner. Húnul ka sing páhò. Grow a seedling from the mango (in a seedling pot). Itanúm ang húnul. Plant the seedling, pot and all. Hunúli ang páhò. Layer the mango-tree (by bending down one of its branches to the ground and covering it partly with earth. Roots will develop in due time and the layer is then detached from the parent tree).