Meaning of káwas



To go or step over a fence, pass out over the side of a vehicle instead of leaving it by the ordinary way of exit, etc. Nagkáwas lang siá sa bíntana. He simply went out by the window. Dílì mo pagpakawáson ang mga karabáw sa kodál. Do not let (make) the buffaloes step over the fence. Kinmáwas ang kabáyo sa kwádra. The horse escaped from its fenced-in stable. Ang kalámpay nagkáwas sa kólon. The calampay-crabs escaped over the rim of the kettle. Pataáson mo ang díngding sang tángkal agúd índì na makakáwas ang báboy. Make the sides of the pigsty higher so that the pig cannot get out again. (see áwas, sagáhay).