Meaning of lántay



A line of separation or demarcation; to establish a line, make a division or boundary line; line-guard. Bantayán mo ang lántay kag dákpon mo ang nagalákbay. Watch the line and capture any one that crosses it. Ilántay mo iníng kalát. Mark a line with this rope. Ginalantayán na níla ang bálsa sing káble, kay may katalágman nga anódon (-óron) sang sulúg. They are now providing the ferry with a cable-line, because otherwise there is danger that it may be carried off by the current. Diín ang lántay sang kadulúnan sang ínyo umá? Where is the boundary line of your fields? Ikáw amó ang lántay. You are the line-guard-or-you have to guard the line. (see látid, bántay).