Meaning of libúg



Confused, bewildered, stupefied, dazed, troubled, bothered, flustered, disconcerted, fuddled; to be or become confused, etc. Naglibúg ang íya úlo. His mind is confused. He is in a quandary. Palígba (palibugá) siá. Perplex him. Indì mo siá pagpaímnon sing lakás nga bíno, agúd índì maglibúg ang íya úlo. Don't give him too much wine to drink, lest he should become fuddled. Yanáng makahanúsbò nga hitabû amó ang ginapalígban sang íya panumdúman. That sad event troubles his mind. (see língin, lingín).



A honey-making, fly-like insect, smaller than the bee, that makes its nest in stone-walls, trees, shrubs, etc.