Meaning of lísi



To look about curiously or searchingly, let one's eyes wander as when visiting a new place or the like. Anó ang ginalísi mo? What are you looking at so curiously? Why are you so curiously looking about? Indì ka maglísi. Do not let your eyes wander so curiously. Don't gaze about you so inquisitively. Sang pagabút sádto nga bukídnon sa Manílà naglísi siá nga daw lipóng sa katingála bangúd sang madámù nga mga baláy nga dalágkù. When that mountaineer arrived in Manila he stared about him as if beside himself with astonishment on account of the many large buildings. Hinúgay sang lísi nga súbung sang isá ka dalákpon. Don't look so excitedly about you as if you were (a criminal) to be arrested.