Meaning of lutáw



Rising to (showing on) the surface, floating, buoyant, visible, conspicuous, prominent, eminent, distinguished; to float, be buoyed up, come to light, rise to the surface, become conspicuous, be distinguished or eminent, to be in (on, upon, above). Ang kawáyan nagalutáw sa túbig. Bamboo floats in water. Ang dágat ginlutawán sing madámù nga mga káhoy nga dinágsà sang pagbágyo. The sea was full of floating driftwood at the time of the hurricane. Lutáw siá nga táo kag binátà sang isá ka lutáw nga panimaláy. He is a prominent man and scion of a conspicuous family. Naglutáw sa íya ang panálig sang mga punoán. The authorities showed that they trusted him (had confidence in him). Karón nagalutáw na siá sa dakû nga katalágman nga--. At present he is in great danger of--. (see kubáw, kubág, kutáw, utáw-útaw, bútwà-to rise to the surface from under water).