Meaning of lútos



Surpassed, outdone, inferior to another in any respect; to surpass, outdo, overcome, be superior to, vanquish, defeat, beat, conquer. Lútos siá ni Fuláno sa mánggad, sa kaálam, sa kataasón, etc. He is inferior to N.N. in wealth, in learning, in height, etc. He is not so wealthy, learned, tall, etc. as N.N. Linútos siá ni Fuláno. He was defeated by N.N. Lutóson siá ni Fuláno sa kaísug. N.N. will be superior to him in strength (bravery). He will be outdone in strength or bravery by N.N. Indì mo malútos ang íya nga katarúngan. You cannot beat (hold your ground or stand up against) his argument. (see daúg).



Vanquished, worsted, beaten, surpassed, inferior to. (see lútos).